Iron Chef Recipes

If my memory serves me correctly, Brillat Savarin once proclaimed: “Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you what you are.” Cooking is not merely for consumption, it is for the exploration and experimenting of an evolving and very pleasurable science. I have spent my fortune creating Kitchen Stadium where the finest chefs across Japan challenge my Iron Chefs – the invincible men in cullinary cuisine – to encounter original cuisines which could be called true artistic creation.







The men are the best in their chosen cuisines:

Iron Chef Japanese is Rokusabaru Michiba

Iron Chef French is Hiroyuki Sakai

Iron Chef Chinese is Chen Kenichi

And Masahiko Kobe is Iron Chef Italian.

They have spent their heart and energies in Kitchen Stadium and now you at home can challenge yourself to new artistic creations with their recipes. This website is categorised into their individual battles and the recipes contained in those battles. You can browse through the recipes individually, or you can emulate the battle and judge for yourself who should be crowned champion of Kitchen Stadium!


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